Childs Charitable Trust

Grant Making Trust

The deadline for applications to be considered at the next meeting (in January 2020) is 30th November 2019.

Unless you are an ‘excepted’ charity, all applicants must be registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland.

Our values are based on the Christian faith, and we welcome applications from all Christian based organisations.

A charity’s funding priorities are not always based on specific project costs. We therefore also accept applications for funds to help develop policy, advocacy and research.

All applications are acknowledged on receipt. If you do not receive an email confirmation, please contact us.


Funding Guidelines

Applicants are asked to carefully review our funding categories before applying, as we receive many more requests than can be honoured. Your project will not be considered if it does not fall within one of the four following areas:


We believe in engaging with Children and Young People. We look to support projects working in schools and with vulnerable and disengaged young people in the UK.

Areas of work include:

  • RE Lessons
  • School Assemblies
  • Lunchtime/After school clubs
  • Evangelism
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • Homelessness Prevention

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We believe in sharing the gospel of Christ. We look to support missions and organisations involved in all aspects of Christian outreach both at home and overseas.

Areas of work include:

  • Church Plants
  • Overseas Mission
  • Training in Evangelism
  • Chaplaincy

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We believe that people of faith bring a valuable contribution to social action and justice. We look to support initiatives that make a positive difference in their society.

Areas of work include:

  • Counselling
  • Night Shelters
  • Alcohol/Drug Rehabilitation
  • Homelessness
  • Prison/Ex-Offenders Work

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We believe the purpose of education is to enable people to achieve their full potential. We look to support initiatives involved in all areas of Christian education.

Areas of work include:

  • Bible Translation
  • Media Initiatives
  • Bible Colleges
  • Literature
  • Apologetics

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Please Note:

In accordance with our Articles of Association, any applications must share the Christian ethos of the Childs Charitable Trust.

The Trust’s ‘objects’ are for the public benefit to advance the Christian faith in Eastbourne, East Sussex and in such other parts of the United Kingdom or the World as the Trustees from time to time think fit and to fulfil such other purposes which are exclusively charitable according to the law of England and Wales and are connected with the charitable work of the Trust.

In addition to this, the following procedural policy has been adopted by the Trustees for 2019.

  1. Unless you are an ‘excepted’ charity, all organisations must be registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator or the Charity Commission of Northern Ireland.
  2. The Trustees do not currently accept funding requests for:
    • New buildings, repair, refurbishment, renovation projects, or fixtures & fittings.
    • Salary costs for Youth workers.
    • Foodbanks.
    • Street Pastors/Wardens
    • GAP Year projects.
    • Church Mission Events.
  3. Organisations with a turnover in excess of £5,000,000 should contact the office prior to submitting an application, to check eligibility.
  4. All applications must be submitted using one of the Trust’s application forms.
  5. All applications must include a latest set of accounts.
  6. Only one application may be submitted within a twelve-month period.
  7. If funding is granted, a written report form supplied by CCT detailing how the grant was allocated will be required within six months of the money being sent.

Please note that the application process can take up to 6 months to complete and further information or a visit may be requested prior to your application being considered.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of your application before submission, please contact the office.