Childs Charitable Trust

Grant Making Trust

Ernest Childs lived much of his life in Woking, Surrey. The son of a builder, he
entered the family business on leaving school and later formed his own building and
construction company. He and his wife Hettie moved to Eastbourne in the early
1960’s where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Ernest was raised in a Christian family environment and worshipped with the
Christian Brethren movement. As his business prospered, he decided to form a
Christian Charitable Trust with the specific aim of supporting Christian work that was
dear to his heart. He and his wife Hettie were the founding member of the trust
(Childs Charitable Trust) in 1962. He was greatly encouraged in the work of the Trust
by the late Sir John Laing. Ernest became an active member of both the Laing Trust
and the Stewards Company in his lifetime.

The Trust has grown enormously since those early days.

Both Ernest and Hettie outlived most of the other founding Trustees and new
Trustees were subsequently appointed to continue the work of the Trust.

The work of CCT now supports a wide variety of Evangelistic, Educational and
Humanitarian work both at home and overseas.

Ernest passed into the presence of his Lord on 18th October 1993, ages 86 years,
his wife Hettie joined him on 16th December 1998, ages 96 years.